Due Diligence - Mergers And Acquisitions

Due Diligence - Mergers And Acquisitions


Our Firm pursues the business life in each phase of company merger and acquisition procedures and provides all kinds of legal services required by companies along with resolution, efficient and productivity increase oriented strategies with its expert team.


KEBULAW offers legal support to the buyer, seller, target company and project sponsor in mergers and acquisitions with regard to due diligence, merger agreements, joint venture agreements, consortium agreements, share transfer agreements, share pledge agreements, vote agreements, preparation, amendment, analysis and negotiation of dominance and shareholding agreements, obtaining all permission and licenses required within the process.

We provide legal services about notification of vertical and horizontal agreements, license agreements, mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures, application to the Competition Board for negative clearance and exemption transactions, monopolizations and restrictive trade implementations.

At KEBULAW – International Consultancy we provide legal support for all stages of mergers and acquisitions process to the domestic and international clients in business sectors.


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