Commercial Law

Commercial Law

KEBULAW International Consultancy, provides to all clients legal support in each commercial conditions, furthermore provides legal consultancy services about share transfer agreements, franchising, leasing, factoring, forfaiting and agent contracts.

Main legal services of our office are;

• Counseling services for national and international corporates

• Drafting and reviewing of national and international commercial contracts

• Commercial negotiations and conciliation

• Establishing companies native and foreign capital

• Restructuring companies

• Investment Incentives

• Increasing or decreasing capital

• Transfer of foreign capital

• Preparing articles of association and shareholder contracts of companies

• Carrying out proceedings of general boards and administrative boards

• Company establishments and activities in free zones

• Electronic Trade

• Franchising contracts

• Making necessary applications before public authorities, fulfilling proceedings and settling legal conflicts that may arise in all these matters

• Commercial Litigation

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