Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

KEBULAW provides business, industrial, office, hotel and residential real estate advice and assistance, both in Turkey and abroad related with all areas of property management, planning, promotion, construction and financing enables it to assist clients at every stage of real estate transactions, from the initial acquisition, development, leasing, joint venturing and financing through to the final exit. A Few of legal services on this area;

• Contracts relating to buying and selling real properties

• Lease and rental services

• Construction agreement in return for land share

• Confiscation

• Civil nuisance

• Expropriation

• Damages for unlawful occupation

• Researches regarding the actual and legal situation of the real property within the framework of preparations prior to projects focused on real properties

• Supervision of projects in which there are reserved public domains

• Counseling and representation regarding foreigners´ acquirement of real properties in Turkey

• Preparing all types of contracts that investors and owners of real properties need during buying and selling a real property and providing legal advice regarding legal problems arising at practice stage

• Providing counseling service in fields of leasing law and settlement of conflicts by means of peace or lawsuits

• Counseling service regarding building permits, management planning and arrangements

• Preparing international and national construction contracts, settling conflicts arising from tenders and finance and construction contracts

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